Common Issues Spouses Face During Separation

 Common Issues Spouses Face During Separation

Couples who want to uncouple have two legal options. One option is to seek assistance from a law firm in Laurel, Maryland to file for divorce, which is to make the marriage null and void. The other option is legal separation, which is basically a limited divorce wherein the spouses remain married but without any marital obligations to one another.

Depending on the state you live in, you may need to go through a legal separation process first before you can petition for divorce. Before you file this with legal counsel, pay attention to these rights first:

  • Alimony
    Alimony is a legal obligation that the court will grant to one of the spouses wherein the other will provide financial support after a divorce. This is granted when the prospective recipient is unable to reasonably earn an income due to age, medical condition, or other factors.
  • Child custody/support
    If a couple has children, then the issue of child custody will arise. As one party is granted custody of the children, the other party will have visiting rights. Of course, the one who doesn’t have custody of the children will most likely be paying child support too.
  • Debt payment
    Any properties acquired during the marriage become a marital asset which should be divided between the couple after a separation. Of course, debts can also be considered a marital asset. So, during a proceeding, you’ll need to decide how much each spouse is required to pay for the debts.

The Mercy Law Firm LLC can help protect your rights and interests during a legal separation. If you need a family lawyer in Maryland to represent you in legal separation proceedings, kindly send us a message.

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