Considerations Before Filing a Lawsuit

Considerations Before Filing a Lawsuit

In any lawsuit, the burden of proof is on you as the plaintiff. Thus, you must make sure you have strong evidence to make for a good case, otherwise filing a lawsuit will only be a waste of your time and money and that of your legal counsel.

While any family lawyer in Maryland, like our very own at The Mercy Law Firm LLC , can break down your case to see if it is worth a shot, it helps to know what you are in for yourself.

So, how do you make sure you have a good case? Make sense of the legal elements of your potential lawsuit, such as:

  • Legally binding contract
    Can you provide a written contract between you and the other party? A contract is made for the very purpose of claiming any misunderstanding down the road—like now.
  • Performance
    Did you do what was asked of you, per your contract? Did you fulfill your share of obligations?
  • Breach
    What were the breaches of the other party? How did they fail to fulfill their obligations? This is the meat of your lawsuit, so you must make sure to make a strong case for your perceived breaches.
  • Damages
    Did you suffer an economic loss because the other party failed to fulfill their obligations? Does the project have to redone or scrapped? Can you provide receipts?

These are only the basic elements you must ensure to see if you have a good case in your hands. Even then, suing the other party is not always the most practical solution, as there may be other alternatives to get the results you want.

Unsure with how to proceed? Get the professional insight you need through our law firm in Laurel, Maryland.

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