Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Maryland? Ensure These First

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Maryland? Ensure These First

In researching your case, which we at our law firm in Laurel, Maryland are certain you do, always make sure that you are looking at the laws that govern Maryland, assuming, of course, that you reside in the state.

With this set, here are some items you must understand and tick off to increase your chances of receiving the right compensation. It is wise to understand the following before enlisting the services of a legal counsel so you can meet your potential counsel at the level you desire.

  • Statute of Limitations.
    Simply, this is your deadline. Maryland law requires a general 3-year period to file a claim. Otherwise, you risk a total barring of your claim.
  • Contributory Negligence.
    This means that if you, as the plaintiff, are found to be even 1% at fault for your accident, you will be responsible just as much as the defendant and cannot claim any compensation. Thus, you must make sure to strengthen your case as much as you can.
  • Strict Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Other Defenses.
    Were you in a situation or place that was inherently dangerous? Maryland laws state that the plaintiff bears the burden of proving their case since it is automatically assumed that they had a full understanding of the existing danger.

Did you tick off the above list? Not to worry, no matter how complicated your circumstances are, a good family lawyer in Maryland, like our counsels at The Mercy Law Firm LLC will know how to handle your personal injury case. Give us a call today!

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