Helping You with Matters of Immigration and Citizenship


You can become a US citizen through the process of naturalization. You need a green card that’s at least five years old (three years if you are filing as a US citizen’s spouse). There’s a 10-step naturalization process, and if you find complications along the way, the experts from our law firm in Laurel, Maryland, can help.

Also, you can be a US citizen even if you do not live or were not born in the US. This is possible when you’re born in a US territory or both your parents are US citizens. For other circumstances, our family lawyer in Maryland can help you assess your situation and work out the possible outcomes.

Another option would be dual citizenship. Our licensed attorney can guide you through complicated citizenship matters. It doesn’t matter if you have a birth certificate or not — you can establish your citizenship even without one. With that, allow our legal counsel to be of assistance.

The Mercy Law Firm LLC offers a variety of legal services, going above and beyond cases involving immigration and citizenship. Our team of experienced and reliable legal experts also deals with civil litigation, criminal law, family law, personal injury, bankruptcy, notary public services, and more.

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