The Basics and Legal Aspects of Self-Defense

The Basics and Legal Aspects of Self-Defense

Defending ourselves is a natural response; it is in our intuition to prevent ourselves from getting harmed. Although self-defense has legal foundations, some laws may not be applicable at times. As your legal counsel, providing relevant information is part of our role.

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Laws recognize an individual’s right to protect themselves from harm, including measures that may hold that person accountable for criminal actions. Preventing harm to oneself by using counteractive means is a form of self-defense. However, rules and processes related to self-defense vary by jurisdiction. These differences across the states include when the act is permissible or how much force can be permitted as a defense.

As your family lawyer in Maryland, we can help you understand what can be considered a justifiable force or not. There must be an imminent threat of harm for self-defense to apply. The potential harm must also be reasonable. A person drawing threats must be capable of performing such. In some states, the duty to retreat is required. It means the victim or person claiming self-defense must prove they attempted to retreat from the violence.

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