Why You Should Always Work with a Reputable Notary Public

Why You Should Always Work with a Reputable Notary Public

However, this quality of convenience has the effect of making it a mundane task so it’s easy to be careless about it, too. That is to say, going to your neighborhood notary public without ensuring that you are dealing with a licensed professional can land you in all sorts of legal trouble.

Fortunately, you can avoid notary fraud by making sure to work with a reputable notary public service provider such as our very own family lawyer in Maryland.

As a provider of the very service ourselves at The Mercy Law Firm LLC, our law firm in Laurel, Maryland, this is something we try to emphasize among clients.

Doing so protects you from some of the most common types of notary fraud such as:

  • Duplicating your documents without your consent or knowledge
  • Using falsified stamps
  • Allowing the signer to sign a document while the notary public is not present
  • Performing acts that are beyond the scope of their practice such as giving legal advice
  • Overcharging for the services
  • Intentionally misleading Spanish-speaking clients by using ‘notario’ or ‘notario publico’ to mean that most denote to also mean licensed attorneys

That said, if you suspect to have been a victim of notary fraud, make sure to seek legal counsel immediately.

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