Are You Aware of Your Sixth Amendment Rights?


Being charged with a crime puts you in the center of an unfamiliar environment. The criminal justice system is complex to comprehend. You will also need to communicate with clerks, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and judges who are all familiar with the system. However, keep in mind that the United States Constitution, notably the Sixth Amendment, protects criminal defendants. The Sixth Amendment rights ensure that a defendant obtains a fair trial.

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The right to legal counsel is guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment at all stages of criminal prosecution. Other rights are also protected via this amendment. These include:

  • The jury trial (in most cases).
  • The jury must hear all witnesses and examine all evidence.
  • Attendance at the trial and when the jury deliberates on the matter.
  • The ability to see, hear and confront the witnesses who will present the case against them.
  • The right to call witnesses and have the court issue subpoenas compelling them to appear.
  • They will have the opportunity to testify if they so desire.
  • The choice to decline to testify.
  • The right to cross-examine witnesses testifying against them.
  • The right to require the government to prove its case against them beyond a reasonable doubt.

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