Are You Planning to Get Your Documents Notarized?

A notary public, sometimes simply referred to as a notary, is a public officer who certifies as to the veracity of signatures contained in important documents. Generally, anyone of legal age can apply to be a notary, so even a family lawyer in Maryland may be a notary public. Under the law, notaries have the duty to verify the identity of the individual signing the document and to see to it that the said party does so under their own free will. All in all, their role is to help combat any instances of identity theft and fraud that could arise during certain transactions.

You might need the services of a notary in a law firm in Columbia, Maryland if you want to be sure that the signatures appearing on your documents are authentic and, therefore, legally binding. When searching for trustworthy notary public services, you have to bear in mind that notary fees may vary. However, each state has imposed a maximum amount of notary fees to charge, so it is important that you check the restrictions in your state beforehand. Once you have secured an appointment, it would be helpful to check with the notary about any requirements that you might have to bring.

Nearly all states in the U.S. forbid “virtual notarization” (i.e., notarization that isn’t conducted in person), so be cautious about anyone making an offer to notarize your documents online. If you require legal counsel for a specific legal issue, it would be best to ask for the advice of notaries who are licensed attorneys. Learn more by getting in touch with The Mercy Law Firm LLC.

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