Entering Into Prenuptial Agreements


Before marriage, spouses may opt to enter into a prenuptial agreement in order to disclose their financial situation and settle such issues. Future spouses particularly agree on how to divide their assets and alimony, in case of divorce. This is a way to avoid uncertainty and conflict of interest, especially if one spouse has children in a previous relationship. Further, negotiation during divorce becomes expedient and less expensive, as both spouses already have a pre-determined division of assets and responsibilities.

Before a court approves such an agreement, the prenuptial agreement should be valid and enforceable. Among the requirements your legal counsel will advise may include the following:

  • It must be in writing and each spouse must sign the document
  • Full disclosure of each spouse’s assets and/or debts
  • The agreement must be entered freely and without vitiation of consent such as fraud, undue influence, or coercion.

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