Gaining a Better Grasp of Notary Public Services


Many people often misunderstand what notary public services are and what they involve. While it’s true that there are plenty of resources out there, one has to be meticulous only to trust reputable ones.

That’s where we come in! At The Mercy Law Firm LLC, one of our goals as a premier law firm in Columbia, Maryland, is to see to it that our clients, as well as that of our community, have access to credible information. 

That said, allow us to cater to commonly asked questions about the services of interest in the hopes that the readers will better understand them. 

These are the following: 

  • What does a notary do?
    In simplest terms, a notary’s responsibility is to verify signers of significant papers for their real identification, willingness to sign without pressure or intimidation, and knowledge of the document’s or transaction’s contents.
  • Why are notaries and notarizations necessary?
    Notaries prevent fraud by establishing that the signer understands the document they are signing and is willing to participate in the transaction. These are all accounted for by the notarization process.
  • How does a notary identify a signer?
    A notary will often request to see a recent ID with a photo, physical description, and signature. A driver’s license or passport are frequently accepted form of identification.

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