Most Common Legal Cases in the Family


The family is not exempted from problems and some of them may require some legal intervention. Family cases are civil cases involving spouses, children, parents, and other family members.

While some families may be thinking about keeping such matters within the household, there are situations when we must see beyond our doubts, worries, and hesitations. When it comes to the safety and overall welfare of the people we love, there are situations when bringing things up to court is the smart move.

Allow us to share with you common family court matters.

  • Dissolution of marriage – annulment or divorce applications end the marriage agreement, especially when at least one party wishes to terminate the relationship. Property, alimony, and child custody are critical topics of concern.
  • Domestic violence – anyone should not hurt any person especially if they are family. Protection against domestic violence is in our constitution and victims have the help they can always reach out to be safe.
  • Name changes – changing one’s name is a common civil case and a child or an adult can legally apply for one. After all, you live with your name for most of your life – why not have one that you like best?

Your Family Lawyer in Maryland can help you sort out these issues and more.

A Legal Counsel is someone you can trust and rely on.

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