Personal Injury: Tips to Get a Fair Settlement

Personal Injury: Tips to Get a Fair Settlement

If you have an insurance plan, the insurance company shoulders the medical costs you incur resulting from a vehicular accident. The Mercy Law Firm LLC is committed to ensuring that you receive a fair settlement in this situation.

Consider the following tips:

  • Seek medical care right away.

    You need to be able to show evidence of your personal injury accident. That is why you should get medical attention as soon as possible. While getting treatment for your injury is your main priority, doing it also ensures that a qualified doctor sees and records them.

    Be honest about the extent of your injury. However, be sure to only share your legal plan with your legal counsel, not your doctor. The physician might record it, which may then reach your insurer.

  • Take note of the incident.

    Take note of everything that you can remember about the incident, including the road conditions, weather, the other party’s plate number, and more. Doing so will help prevent you from losing crucial details that might be of great help to the police and the insurer.

  • Tell the police the truth.

    Do not make exaggerations or speculations; narrate things as they are.

  • Never sign any offer from your insurer until after talking to your lawyer.

    A reputable law firm in Laurel, Maryland will put your best interests forward. So, talk to your lawyer first before signing any offer sheet. The attorney will ensure that the offer is fair and legal.

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