The Types and Grounds of Divorce in Maryland

The Types and Grounds of Divorce in Maryland

Divorce in the United States, like many other legal matters, is governed by the laws of the individual states. For the State of Maryland, divorce is considered legal. The laws cover two types of divorce and also the grounds under which you can file a case. If you have a marital problem that is making you consider divorce, a family lawyer in Maryland can help you identify under which type and ground your situation will fall.

Your legal counsel would further explain to you the two types of divorce, which are:

  1. Limited divorce.

    As a legal effect of this type of divorce, the marriage still subsists and is only in the nature of a formal separation approved by a court. The grounds for this type are cruel treatment by defendant spouse toward the plaintiff spouse or the latter’s minor child, excessively vicious conduct by the defendant toward the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s minor child, desertion or abandonment, and separation (the spouses are living separate and apart without cohabitation); and

  2. Absolute divorce.

    This type of divorce permanently dissolves the marriage and its legal effects. The grounds are adultery, desertion, conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, living separate and apart for 12 months, insanity, cruel treatment, excessively vicious conduct, and mutual consent of the spouses.

Divorce is a complicated and technical matter that needs to be handled by professional lawyers. If you are looking for a law firm in Laurel, Maryland that is experienced in handling family law cases, contact or visit The Mercy Law Firm LLC.

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