Understanding Attorney-Client Privilege


Conversations between a lawyer and their client can get sensitive, intimate, and confidential. While such details are essential for the duration of the case, some people may hesitate about discussing some pieces of information. It may demotivate them from sharing the facts their attorneys can use for their benefit.

This is where attorney-client privilege exists – to protect conversations and ease the clients in. However, it is essential to understand what this term means. Attorney-client privilege is a legal privilege to keep communications between these entities confidential and protected.

However, if there are other parties or at least another entity present, such conversations may not be covered in the privilege since the discussion did not happen in confidentiality. The lawyer will not be questioned about their client and any demands about the lawyer to share or testify under oath will not have any legal basis.

Of course, a client may waive their privilege should they wish for this scenario. The lawyer, on the other hand, cannot do so.
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