What Areas Can a Civil Litigation Lawyer Handle?


Unless you are involved in a personal injury case, or a real estate, family, or an employment dispute, a civil litigation may make very little sense to you.

As a law firm in Laurel, Maryland, at The Mercy Law Firm LLC, we believe that everyone and anyone should be informed of when they would need the expertise of a civil attorney. This way, they can avoid making unnecessary mistakes that are often costly.

To help you, we have listed the areas that you would possibly need a legal counsel:

  • Business and finances
    This includes disputes among businesses that range from financial claims, partner disputes, to even parking space conflicts.
  • Landlord/tenant relationships
    Usually this involves issues ‘he said, she said’ over matters such as rent, landlord rules, tenant violations, and the like.
  • Real estate
    This covers disputes between commercial developers and contractors over apartment and condominium laws, as well as injuries that occurred in the property.
  • Personal injury
    A personal injury refers to any type of injury that was sustained through accidents. These types of injuries may come from a hit-and-run, misdiagnosis, and workplace injuries, among others.
  • Family
    This involves cases of deep-seated family disputes since having a family lawyer in Maryland or elsewhere is usually the last resort.
  • Employment
    Employment cases are usually ones that deal with perceived unfairness, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace and those that involve wrongful termination.

Do you have a case? Know for sure by enlisting the help of a legal professional as soon as possible. Remember, when facing a civil litigation case, you need to stay within the statute of limitations so time is of essence.

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