Why Should I Have My Documents Notarized?


Does notarization have any legal significance in a contract? While just signing a contract binds a person to an agreement, a contract that carries the signatures of contracting parties may not suffice, even if consent elements are present.

Notarizing documents is primarily used to assure the proper execution of significant documents and avoid fraud. Notarizing legal papers ensures their authenticity and helps to avoid situations in which one side denies signing a document.

Some documents, though not all, may not be legally binding until they are notarized. Having the document notarized can boost its value and authenticity in this case. You should speak with your family lawyer in Maryland to determine which documents must be notarized.

Notarizing your document makes it self-authenticating under evidentiary law. As a result, instead of presenting a witness to the court during a trial, you can submit the notarized paper as evidence. This can save you money and time.

What Evidence Is There That a Document Has Been Notarized?

A document must contain the following elements to be considered notarized:

  • Some text that in some way binds the person signing the document
  • A document signer’s original signature, not a photocopy
  • A Notary Public certificate may be present on the document itself or as an attachment

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