Why You Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Why You Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

In most cases, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer from a law firm in Columbia, Maryland when you plan to apply for an immigrant visa. However, there are situations when it is better to trust your lawyer when dealing with immigration. Here are particular circumstances why you should hire an immigration lawyer:

  • If you are an employer planning to hire foreign-born workers

    As a business owner, you must hire the best people for your company. Sometimes, the employee you are looking for is from a foreign country. But, there are legal processes to follow and requirements to comply with. A legal counsel can help you deal with the complicated procedures and stick to your deadlines.

  • If you are inadmissible

    The most common legal issue that aspiring immigrants encounter is the consulate’s claim that they are inadmissible. They can reject your application due to reasons, such as infectious diseases or criminal convictions. An attorney can help you deal with issues that may tag them as inadmissible even before you start the application process.

  • If you don’t know your options or you easily get overwhelmed with paperwork

    You may qualify for one or more types of visas, which will then lead you to not knowing what option you should choose. Moreover, each of these visa types requires you to submit lots and lots of paperwork. An immigration attorney helps you deal with these with ease.

The Mercy Law Firm LLC believes that a family lawyer in Maryland should put the client’s interest first. When it comes to legal matters, you shouldn’t hesitate to trust us. Give us a call if you need our legal services.

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