Why You Should Think Twice About DIY Divorce (Part 1)

Why You Should Think Twice About DIY Divorce (Part 1)

Thinking of taking your divorce by the horns and doing it yourself? You’re not the first one; after all, the expensive lawyer fees that you have to pay upfront can be discouraging. However, as a law firm in Laurel, Maryland, we, at The Mercy Law Firm LLC, say that while this is possible, this doesn’t mean it’s advisable for everyone.

We’re listing some of the reasons why you should think twice about DIY-ing your divorce in this two-part blog. Take a look:

  • You need the time, the resources, and the temperament.

    Doing your divorce solo means arming yourself with the knowledge of your state’s laws. This means comprehensive research, documentation, and constant follow-ups with court filings and appearances. You would also need the temperament to weather the possible onslaught of unexpected emotions during this time.

  • You need to ensure that your spouse will be cooperative throughout the process and doesn’t pose a threat to you or your children.

    Divorce proceedings can be difficult, and the last thing you need is dealing with your husband’s violent temperament on top of everything. This is where a family lawyer in Maryland can help you.

  • You need to make sure all money and assets are presented.

    The rate differs state by state, but all divorces require the splitting of assets, so your spouse may be tempted to hide a few, especially if you’re not in good terms. Once discovered, this can amount to a crime and dealing with this is a long and complex process—something that hiring a legal counsel could’ve easily solved from the start.

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