You Have Rights: Fighting Domestic Abuse


Abuse can happen in all forms and each one is truly unacceptable. No human should ever be treated in this way and when one does fall victim to another, they deserve justice. Unfortunately, the reporting of abuse does not happen in all circumstances. There are cases when victims have chosen to remain silent, others are not aware of their rights, and there are those who can never speak of it even when their souls scream for help.

Our goal is to help everyone to know they have rights. Fighting domestic abuse is not a lonely battle – you have us and we will be together in your journey to justice.

Knowledge can help you make better decisions. In this case, knowing what abuse is can help victims realize they are being abused by others – sometimes the people they are close to.

Abuse can be physical, emotional, emotional, or economic. When the other person controls, manipulates or dominates the other one, they are deprived of their right to choose. If you or you know someone in this position, consulting with a Law Firm in Columbia, Maryland can help guide your next steps.

Fighting for your rights can be a tough one. But now that you are not alone. With supportive Legal Counsel by your side, the journey to exercising your rights is not a lonely battle.

When you need a Family Lawyer in Maryland, choose the counsel you can count on. The Mercy Law Firm LLC is at your service. Call us today.

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